How to Incorporate Vintage Furniture Like a Pro

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We all want our homes to exude character and be reflective of our personalities, a great way to do this is by adding some vintage items in a way that looks cohesive and has good flow.

The challenges when trying to include some vintage items can be how to combine these aged items with the rest of our furniture that is new and shiny. How do we make pieces work together when they are decades and sometimes even centuries apart??

You might also be worried about ending up with a space that feels stuffy or stale, like you just recreated a display from a museum (not exactly warm and welcoming!)

Vintage items can add an amazing amount of character and personality to a space. They can often be conversation pieces adding interest and depth to your design. They also help your space show your personality and individual style (if you listen to your gut and don’t just buy the first thing you see). 

So how do you thoughtfully source and style with vintage and antique items??

Here are my three tips:

- Have a vision

When you are rooting through a market or tag sale you might stumble upon something that at first might seem like the ugly duckling, be careful not to judge too quickly though! Don’t be afraid or turned off by a vintage item because of some questionable fabric choices or a serious need of some TLC. If you love the shape and design of the chair or cabinet or whatever it is, imagine it with a beautiful new fabric or a fresh coat of paint or stain. Have the vision for what it will take to bring it back to life.

- Chose a piece that reflects you

Ok, so it’s important to choose items that fit well together. You want each piece in a room to go well with each other, to feel cohesive and not to feel like they are competing with each other. Hold on to that thought, but also make sure this vintage item reflects your personality. Aim for something that fits well into the design of a room but also fits well with you and your personality.

- Create balance

You definitely don’t want to create a space that looks like you were just transported into the past. You want to mix and match the old with the new to create a feeling of balance. It is like a nod to the past without climbing into a time machine. The goal is to give a vintage item a new life by presenting in a new and interesting way.

Embrace the hunt for the pieces that call your name, and hold out for that piece that you just have to have! Enjoy the process.

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