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Bethel Coordinate Sign

Call me curious. I always love asking people how long they have lived in their current town or city. It fascinates me to hear if their family has been in the same area for generations or if they have recently relocated from somewhere farther afield. People love to tell stories of how deep their roots are tied to a place or at the opposite end of the spectrum how their story is woven from this place to that.  Personally, as someone who finds myself constantly moving my husband and dog as I design and renovate homes, I consider us more of the modern day nomad type, it definitely keeps our story interesting. No matter where you fall on the frequency of relocation spectrum, we inevitably have places that we have been to that hold onto a piece of us. Whether this is where we grew up, graduated from, got married in, or our favourite vacation spot we all have special places where we put those map pins in our memories.

Redding Coordinates Sign

Gather Boutique introduced our Bethel sign last year for the Bethel community who always shows so much love and pride for their town. The signs are clean and minimal in style, integrating well with different decor styles and can be stand alone wall art or grouped with a gallery. These signs have gained popularity with those who reside in Bethel, those who have lived in Bethel in the past and those who are newcomers to Bethel!

Bethel, Redding, Newtown Coordinate Signs

We expanded our inclusion of surrounding towns as requests came in, and we started offering custom signs for those farther reaching places that hold a place in peoples hearts. I have loved seeing customers creativity in how they choose to layout their custom location sign as well as hearing the story behind the importance to them and how it weaves a part of their story. Both stock and custom signs are available in the boutique. What places in this world are part of your story? I would love to know! sue@gatherboutique.co

Block Island, Rhode Island Coordinate Sign

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