5 Things to Create a Perfect At-Home Movie Night

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Hey there friends! I want to know...are your movie nights feeling a little vanilla these days? Does "movie night" simply mean throwing on Netflix and clicking on the first square that looks only half interesting? Ya, that'll do, you say.
I think we are all in need of a little inspiration these days, especially when it comes to entertaining ourselves. It is easy to fall into a rut or to put little effort into creating something extra. But what if we did, what if we put in just a little effort and created something that felt a little out of the ordinary?? I think we are all craving something out of the ordinary!!
Elevating something as simple as movie night can help us disconnect from our day and reconnect with those around us. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture or complex, it really is all in the details.
Here are the top 5 things to make a perfect at-home movie night:
  1. Snacks! - It pretty much goes without saying but good snacks really are the backbone of a movie night. Snack boards are easy and fun to put together and can be made with different audiences in mind. Keep it kid-friendly with fruit, veg, cheese, crackers, popcorn and maybe some sweets or candy. If it is more of a date night movie night elevate the snack board with things like grapes, cheese, prosciutto, chutney, olives, nuts and dark chocolate. Make it hardy enough and it counts as dinner in my books :) Click the images to shop my favs.
  1. Pillows - Make it comfy cozy! One of the draw backs of watching movies in a theatre is that can be so dang uncomfortable. I can remember settling into one of those hinged chairs and wishing I could just curl myself up somehow and get comfy. Well here is your chance! Whether you load up your couch with all the pillows or create a new lounge area on the floor, include pillows of all sizes and remember there can never be too many!
  2. Blankets - Kinda like cheese and crackers, throw pillows and blankets just go hand in hand. There is just something so comforting about snuggling up with a warm, soft blanket no matter what the temperature is outside. Make sure there is enough to go around, or at least that the blanket is big enough to share ;)
  1. Beverages - Whether it is a family oriented beverage or an adult beverage get the others involved in creating or finding a special drink recipe to try! This can be themed to your movie selection or just something that appeals to everyone. Hot or cold it is fun to elevate the drink with a special glass or garnish!
  1. Lighting -  Set the mood! Turn down the overhead lighting and add some ambient lights. Maybe even go for the glory and drape some string lights around or light a bunch of candles. Create an atmosphere that feels like you have stepped out of the house for the night, your subconscious will thank you!

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